English Information

客室アイコンGuest Rooms           
We have 4 -type-guest rooms.
Please choose your suited room.

At Arima Gyoen we deliver your dinner directly to your room.(For large groups, please inquire.) Please relax and enjoy your meals.

温泉アイコンArima Gyoen Golden Spa~Kinsen~

Whether summer or winter,our springs are kept at a comfortable 40.5℃.Our hot springs are kept at a comfortable temperature, so you can stay in just a bit longer,allowing the natural salts and minerals in the water to warm you through and through.

At Arima gyoen,we have prepared for all your needs and comfort.
We can accommodate you and your party for relaxation,
enjoyment or business related needs.
Please take advantage of all our available facilities.
An explanation of our lodging contract with guests. Please read it carefully before making a reservation.