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public spa
open-air bath
アイコンArima Gyoen Golden Spa~Kinsen~

Whether summer or winter,our springs are kept at a comfortable 40.5℃.
Our hot springs are kept at a comfortable temperature, so you can stay in just a bit longer,allowing the natural salts and minerals in the water to warm you through and through.

-Water is added to keep temperature stable.
Our spring water has a natural temperature of  83.1℃(measured in an outside air temperature of 29.0℃),so we add water to adjust the temperature to a comfortable level.

-Spring water is under constant circulation
In order to avoid sediment buildup our spring water is under constant circulation,providing you with comfortable clean water always.

-General and specialized hot spring therapy available.
         <general treatment>
         Verve pain,muscular pain,joint pain,stiff shoulders,
         stiff joints,bruises,sprains,etc.

         <specialized treatment>
         Separate hot spas available specifically for
         cuts,burns,chronic slin disease,
         young children,expectant mothers,etc.

Public Bath
Stretch out and relax in our naturally lit public bath.

Bath hours :  6:00~ 9:30(on Thursday,~9:00)
                       11:00~14:30(Thursday is excluded)
                       15:00~24:30(on Thursday,15:30~)

*We have no private open-air bath. Male and Female are separated.