English Information

At Arima gyoen,we have prepared for all your needs and comfort.
We can accommodate you and your party for relaxation,enjoyment or business related needs.
Please take advantage of all our available facilities.

lobbyLobby -Main Bdg. 1st Floor-

Please relax on our comfortable sofas.

teahouseTea House  -Main Bdg. 1st Floor-

Sit back and relax with a nice cup of blended coffee.
The tea house is connected to our lobby, so feel free to drop in and make an order.

Open 7:00~17:00

gift-shopGift Shop -Main Bdg. 1st Floor-

Arima's famous "Tansan-Senbei" along with other local goods are available in abundance at our gift shop.

Open 7:00~22:00

saienLounge "Saien" -Annex Bdg. 7th Floor-

Enjoy an evening out in our lounge with 80000 songs available for karaoke.Have a good time at our fully stocked bar.

Open 20:00~23:30

auroraTea house and Cafe "Aurora" -Annex Bdg. 7th Floor-

Enjoy a light meal from rame noodles to dessert.
Room sevice is available as well.

Open 17:00~23:30

karaoke roomKaraoke Room -Annex Bdg. 7th Floor-

Don't like singing in fromt of others?How abouto a private room to enjoy singing with your friends?We have two private karaoke rooms available just for you.

Open 17:00~23:30